A Holdout


Way too chilly for an unprepared bike rider today,
Gloomy sky,
Empty trail- except for the hikers.
They must know something.
How do you keep your toes from freezing as you ride?
No matter – we’ll hike through the winter.
But first-
One last beautiful reminder of




A window of opportunity
On a day that’s suppose to be cloudy.
But for two hours
The crystal clear blue sky reigned.
And I rode through the woods
Wondering about change
In me
In nature.
The trees know the cycle by which they live, Mother Nature is part of them.
We know but
Don’t really get it – how to make changes
To keep happy
To keep alive
To keep joyful.
Then, I know I’m like the bike path.
I meander through
Breathe deep
Appreciate the beauty around me
And choose to change for the better.