Winter has now descended upon us
No turning back
The clock
Or Earth
Embrace what comes
Bundled up in scarfs, hats, mittens
Take the cold air in
Wishing for warmth
Dreaming of summer


A Holdout


Way too chilly for an unprepared bike rider today,
Gloomy sky,
Empty trail- except for the hikers.
They must know something.
How do you keep your toes from freezing as you ride?
No matter – we’ll hike through the winter.
But first-
One last beautiful reminder of



A window of opportunity
On a day that’s suppose to be cloudy.
But for two hours
The crystal clear blue sky reigned.
And I rode through the woods
Wondering about change
In me
In nature.
The trees know the cycle by which they live, Mother Nature is part of them.
We know but
Don’t really get it – how to make changes
To keep happy
To keep alive
To keep joyful.
Then, I know I’m like the bike path.
I meander through
Breathe deep
Appreciate the beauty around me
And choose to change for the better.

Outside My Window


The forsythia tree that has burst into its’ yellow brilliance fills my heart this morning as I open the curtain. This is a cutting from an original tree my mother planted many years ago. An offshoot of that tree has followed me every place I’ve lived in the last 25 years. I think the original one is gone – I can’t bear to look. My mom is gone – I can’t bear to look. The love and security of knowing your Mom is there and loves you (for she may be the only one) is gone – I can’t bear to think of it at times.

But life is about moving on. Carrying that piece in your heart and in your soul as you forge your way into a world that is different, that is missing something. Life is good though. New blossoms, new seasons, new people to love and cherish, new ways to move ahead. A new beauty in knowing that love is real and real love you know when you see it and feel it – when you open the curtain and it’s there and takes your breath away.



Words Cannot Describe…

To smell the wet ground where just a few weeks ago endless piles of snow stood guard now give way to green shoots.

To hear the birds talking to each other and perhaps to us as well.

To hear the birds that sound familiar, telling me the sun is getting higher on the horizon, as well as the birds whose chirps I don’t recognize.

To see the blue sky which looked so dreary for so long.

To feel the warmth of our nearest star on my face and arms.

To ride down the path and see the trees awaiting the perfect time to reveal their new spring collection of green foliage.

To hear the spring peepers, unexpectedly, along the trail.

To have the wind in my face while riding my bike, reminding me that I can always feel like a kid.

To be able to try and tell the world what a beautiful Spring day feels like.