Love this!

meredith collins

the 19th-century window
in the office of the old
eye doctor

throws a low ripple into the view of the
house next door

history and clarity clashing
in a frequent

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It’s a Beautiful Day!


It really is – beautiful that is. A perfect Saturday in August. Unusually low humidity for this time of year, almost clear blue sky, a few large puffy white clouds meandering across the sky, spending the day with two people I love dearly, an Art Festival, meeting up with dear friends and saying hello with a hug and a promise to get together soon. Life isn’t perfect. I’m pretty sure no ones is – no matter who they are. Mine sure isn’t. But I know enough at this point in time to be grateful for the good every moment. Today is a day filled with grateful moments – many of them.



Words Cannot Describe…

To smell the wet ground where just a few weeks ago endless piles of snow stood guard now give way to green shoots.

To hear the birds talking to each other and perhaps to us as well.

To hear the birds that sound familiar, telling me the sun is getting higher on the horizon, as well as the birds whose chirps I don’t recognize.

To see the blue sky which looked so dreary for so long.

To feel the warmth of our nearest star on my face and arms.

To ride down the path and see the trees awaiting the perfect time to reveal their new spring collection of green foliage.

To hear the spring peepers, unexpectedly, along the trail.

To have the wind in my face while riding my bike, reminding me that I can always feel like a kid.

To be able to try and tell the world what a beautiful Spring day feels like.

Holy Blog! It’s THE Batman!


Recently, as I’m apt to do, I was mindlessly flipping through the TV channels and I stopped on IFC (Independent Film Channel). Did my eyes deceive me or was IFC now showing one of the greatest TV series of all time?


Yes, it is true IFC is broadcasting the seminal series “Batman” which first aired on ABC from 1966 to 1968 (thanks Internet). The series aired in re-runs when I was a kid in the 70’s and it’s right up there with “The Brady Bunch” and “The Andy Griffith Show” as the best shows on TV after school.

Batman was not alone, he lived with his young ward Robin – an arrangement that is totally cool for the 21st century. The two of them faced wicked, criminal geniuses each and every week. Despite battling these evil-doers they were able to work well within the constitutional rights and would never…

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The Summer of -ing


Staring down 50 will make a man think.

Since I’m not a New Year’s Resolution guy (see an earlier blog post) I decided to take a look in the mirror as Summer starts. Instead of a resolution, I’d come up with something new,  I’d make a Summer Solution – how to get the most out of myself and the most of my time and life.

I decided to make it a Summer of  -ing.

I’ve always been really good at a number of  -ing; Eat-ing, drink-ing, talk-ing, bs-ing. But I needed something more. I opted to reintroduce two -ings into my life, one of which I’ll talk about today…Bicycl-ing.

That’s right – I went out and bought a bicycle and am on my way to becoming a bike guy.

Like everyone else I grew up riding a bike. But as time wore on  I realized driving a car was more convenient…

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