Sheared Apart – Keep It Together


I have a couple of things to say about this storm cloud over Lake Erie this morning.

First, it’s just beautiful.  Looking at it from ten or more miles, you can see it in its entirety. You can see the upper level winds shearing it apart, and the bottom holding together. You can’t see the scars from winds as they rip smaller pieces here and there.

Another person can look at you from a distance and think they see who you are, but, of course they can’t see all the little rips your soul and heart have endured through life. Some people can understand and appreciate that. Those are ones you want to hold close, the ones you want to love. They overlook the rips, the scars, and love you back. They forgive, forget, laugh, and listen to you. They are able to cherish your value in their life and know you cherish them.

The other thing I thought as I looked at this seemingly common feat of our Earth is combined with the changing season. My changing season too. As age happens, sometimes I feel torn apart. My knee hurts. I don’t want to limit my food intake or watch what I eat. I don’t really want to exercise either. But the goal is to make it to the end as physically  intact as possible.  I’ve seen the alternative. Getting older definitely reminds one of how we are also shorn apart by forces that, while perfectly natural, really are frustrating and stink sometimes.

Our power lies in our ability to surround ourselves with love and positivity -no drama, no anger, no resentment,  no people that drain the air out of a room, no false claims of love from friends or family, no toxic individuals.  Just love and the gratefulness of each day.


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