Love is not the easy thing…


“And love
It’s not the easy thing….
It’s all that you can’t leave behind”

For some reason those particular lyrics were in my head tonight while riding. Love takes many forms and is expressed and appreciated in many ways.
My uncle passed from this life yesterday and as the generation before me starts to die I’m reminded of my current struggle with getting older and my leaving this life too. We all do.
Did my mom love enough? I know she love deeply and fiercely – even those who didn’t deserve her love. Did my uncle love enough? I really think he did.
So what does it mean to love enough – to love right?
Do I love enough? I’m trying. Trying to forgive and heal the love with a child. Trying to love Nature – a tree, a sunset, a cloud, a goldfinch, a green field, the sunshine on my face. Trying not to judge others – for me this is an act of love I struggle with. Trying just to put love into the Universe so in the end I can be satisfied I loved enough.
Love is meant to be tucked into the suitcase of our lives that we carry from start to finsh. Only love leaves such a mark that can forgive, heal, nourish. It is the only thing we should leave behind. And that’s not as easy to accomplish as it sounds. But I’m trying. Are you?


One thought on “Love is not the easy thing…

  1. 2ndhalfolife says:

    Sorry about your uncle. Keep trying to love and forgive. No easy task. ❤

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