Napping with the Dogs


It occurred to me recently that I am indeed getting older. Well, these things happen to all of us, right? But it’s how it happened that I think is funny enough to share.

Was it….

The lines on my face that I know are there but choose to ignore? No, those don’t bother me for the most part. They’re a map to my soul and I’ve earned each one of them. Although, I suppose there are a few I could do without.

The creeping up of those few extra pounds that no matter how hard I try DO NOT go away? Nope, that just continues the same body image issues I’ve had all my life. Why change that now? I’m an expert at “Body Issues”.

The strands of grey that I diligently color?  Funny about those – I recall a time thinking that I wouldn’t color my hair and just let it go grey. After all, au natural tends to be my way. That idea didn’t fly with me once they started to come in so on goes the color. The few grey eyebrow hairs? OK, I’ll admit, that bothers me a bit. Tweezers please.

My children grown? No, I spent many years raising children. Some of those years contributing to the above grey hairs and worry lines. Those days are done for me and I’m looking forward to what’s next.

The animals collected while the kids were growing up? Yes, all four of them are going grey along with the two people left in the house. It’s not really this, we just all nap together on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Overall, I don’t mind my age. I’m smarter and wiser now. I know my boundaries and I know my limitations. I’m not afraid to speak up for something I want. Or to speak up when I don’t want a person or experience in my space.

What really got me the other day and made me KNOW I am creeping up in age was while walking the dogs with my winter coat, hat, and gloves on, protecting me from the cold north wind blowing off of Lake Erie, I passed a teen with shorts and a t-shirt on. I said hello to him as we passed and asked him, wasn’t he cold? His reply was, “No, not at all” It was in the 40’s and my hands were numb. I knew at that moment I had arrived at old-ladyville.


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