The Summer of -ing


Staring down 50 will make a man think.

Since I’m not a New Year’s Resolution guy (see an earlier blog post) I decided to take a look in the mirror as Summer starts. Instead of a resolution, I’d come up with something new,  I’d make a Summer Solution – how to get the most out of myself and the most of my time and life.

I decided to make it a Summer of  -ing.

I’ve always been really good at a number of  -ing; Eat-ing, drink-ing, talk-ing, bs-ing. But I needed something more. I opted to reintroduce two -ings into my life, one of which I’ll talk about today…Bicycl-ing.

That’s right – I went out and bought a bicycle and am on my way to becoming a bike guy.

Like everyone else I grew up riding a bike. But as time wore on  I realized driving a car was more convenient…

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