The Kindness of Strangers

The last two weeks of my life have been slow and I’ve had a lot of time to experience the irony of our current state of being in America. First, I have to be honest here and say I don’t watch television very much. It’s just a personal choice. However, being a complete science geek, I’ve been glued to the T.V. since Sunday watching Hurricane Sandy make it’s way to the East Coast of the US, making landfall, and affecting the weather over my head here in Ohio. We are on day  seven of rain and clouds and wind, still experiencing the backside of that huge low pressure system. Many of my neighbors are still without power. Watching the aftermath coverage, I see people helping each other, politicians working together, us coming together to do whatever we need to do to help.

And then there is a commercial break and I’m subjected to the horrible, negative political adds. The divisiveness of this county, the mean spiritness of the adds and the things I see posted on friends FB pages is the direct opposite of what I’d seen just a moment before.

So, I wonder what is going on here? How can we help each other, do unto others, send love into the world and yet be so mean and hateful? It makes no sense to me. Who are we as a people, as a country, as human beings?

Having experienced the kindness of everyone I encountered in a hospital two weeks ago, I want to desperately believe that most people are innately good and want to share their compassion and love with others on a personal basis. Are those the same folks who would scream and argue with me because I may not agree with their politics?

Maybe we are not trying hard enough to know each other and make those personal connections that allow us to see each other and the similarities we share just trying to make it through each day.

No answers here – just wondering. What do you think?