The Ying-Yang of it All

My mind has been so blank. Actually, it’s not been blank at all, but reeling. Always working, always thinking, always trying to stay one step ahead.

This was suppose to be a time of reflection, relaxation, enjoyment. It has turned out to be the continuation of a very stressful year where one thing after another happens – and they’ve not been very good things.

This is my steadfast belief in life. The ying-yang of it all. Last June and July? The best two months of my life. No, perfection wasn’t quite with every day, but close enough to give the overall impression that this was about as good as it gets. And it was in so many ways. In the back of my mind, I knew there would be a flip side to all that perfection. And there was – and it keeps going. The more the scale is tipped up on one side the more the balance of the other side has to swing back. I’m a realist and that is just the way it goes, right?

What do the good times in life teach us? They teach us to appreciate them, to be grateful for them, to live in the moment of the experience and be fully satisfied. All of those things I did. Those are things that cannot be repeated or captured on video (although it’s awesome when they are). They live in the space that is our memories, our soul remembering the pure joy of the moment.

What do the hard times teach us? The same exact thing if you’re smart and listening to the voices of the universe. Difficult times teach us to let go, to love even when you don’t want to or feel like it, to prioritize what is really important, to slow down.

I’m trying to wait patiently for the ying-yang of my life to balance out and come to a state of equilibrium. Aren’t we all? I’m pretty sure that when I fully learn the lessons life has been teaching me for the past year, the scale will become balanced.

In the meantime, like every one else on this planet, I will keep moving through life at the speed of sound, listening and waiting for complete balance.Image


5 thoughts on “The Ying-Yang of it All

  1. I know how you feel. This year has been a yo-yo of emotions. Last year, I was having the time of my life. It seems recently I’m watching everyone else have the time of their lives while I struggle with mine. The upswing is coming. It has to be. ((HUGS))

    • traceywc29 says:

      Of course the upswing is coming – you keep your positive attitude and all will work out exactly the way it’s suppose to! ((HUGS)) right back at ‘cha!

  2. Melissa B says:

    I keep trying to remember the fabulous summer last year, it is keeping me sane these days. I haven’t even been able to share because I keep hoping for something positive to happen so that it doesn’t seem like doom & gloom all the time, its nothing serious at all, just a lot of frustrations. It’s only a short turn until the sun peeks out again, just need to hold on until that happens. One thought that has been sticking with me the last month is that on Aug 9th, it will be 30 years since my heart surgery, I was strong enough to pull through that, I am strong enough to outlast this phase. HUGS to you!

    • traceywc29 says:

      Melissa – Giant ((HUGS)) to you. I know you’ve had a really rough go of life since last year too. And I also know you are trying hard to keep looking for the positive. Keep searching and reaching for the good in life, you will attract it to you. Sounds like most of us need to find our balance after the joy that was last year. I have been and will continue to send you positive thoughts and good wishes. You’re a good person with a good soul.
      And if you survived heart surgery at a young age, then you definitely have the toughness to survive anything girlfriend!!
      Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for sharing your comments. It means alot to me.
      Love and peace to you!

  3. jcblog83 says:

    You rock sweetheart. You keep me in balance so don’t fret, I’ll be there to return the favor.

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