How exactly do you describe a day that life may only give you a few of? It’s a day when something so special happens that you just know, deep in your soul that it is a one of a kind experience. It tends to be a day that you remember, when you close your eyes a year later – ten years later- the definitive blue the sky was, the way the breeze cooled you off on a warm afternoon. 

Those days are only made more special by the company you keep on that particular rotation of the Earth. And although you want the Earth to stop that very rotation so the day can last forever, it certainly doesn’t stop for you.

Recently, I celebrated the one year anniversayr of a “BEST DAY EVER”. The beautiful thing about it was that I was fortunate enough to share it with several of my dearest friends and even my daughter. I reflected on the anniversary by re-living all the moments of the day. Some even so special that I can hardly bring them to the forefront of the memory because I still cannot believe it all happened. I know on that day I sent out tons of gratitude to the Universe for giving me each and every second. Because of that I’m able to hold that day in my heart, in my soul and cherish it deeply. My gratitude still goes out for those special hours of my life. 

My teenager though, felt sad and a little depressed on the anniversary. She said she had dreaded the day for awhile, knowing she’d have a hard time making it through. Of course, I gave her a similar speech to the above, but I think she couldn’t grasp what I was trying to say. Which was if you enjoy each moment of a BEST DAY EVER then you can move on and know that you lived right there in that moment at the time. You were completely one hundred percent present. 

Then I realized that was my reality of the day and how I was going to move forward, how I would cope knowing that, quite possibly, I’d never get another day like that again. She knows that too. She only had to wait 16 years to have a day like that.

This got me to wondering if it is better to have a BEST DAY EVER when you are young and have the youth and freshness of life still in your veins or are humans better off having that day once the lines of living are on our faces. My mother could not answer that question, she wasn’t sure. Neither can I. I’d sure like to hear from others to see what you think. 


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